Peter Ivanov

About the speaker

Mobility Congress 2023

Shaping the Future of Mobility | Die Zukunft der Mobilität gestalten

Mobility is not only about getting from one location to another, but it is becoming an exciting customer journey offering numerous digital services along the way. Innovative technologies make individual mobility simpler and more accessible.
However, individual mobility is also a driver for greenhouse gases thus contributing to the climate changes we see today.

How will mobility develop over the years to come and do we have the chance to shape mobility in a way to make it more exciting, fascinating, but also also sustainable? 

we are Valtech
a global company focused on business transformation powered by digital innovation. We are a maker company. We transform by doing and care deeply about improving the end user experience.
Although technology is crucial in everything we do, we are a people company. We share our knowledge and learnings, we dare to speak up and take risk. We care about one another, our clients and the world.
We operate in the context of new world challenges and engage with our customers all over the world to discover new opportunities, to design & build digital driven solutions and to run & continuously optimize outcomes.

Peter is Managing Director of the Mobility/Automotive Business Unit of Valtech, a global business transformation agency. He works with clients across the full mobility value chain to offer end-to-end consulting and digital services that help OEMs succeed.
Peter studied International Business and Trade in Germany and the USA before joining the METRO retail group heading the development of e-commerce systems.
After that, Peter joined the Volkswagen Group being responsible for the development of connected e-mobility services, and was Managing Director of Valtech Mobility, a Joint Venture between VW and Valtech with focus on development of connected backends and services for the Automotive industry.

“We can only enjoy the freedom and prosperity, which comes through mobility if we make it sustainable and secure.”