Krešimir Šalamon

About the speaker

Mobility Congress 2023

CAC – Computer Aided Certification

Head of the railway dynamics and bogies design department at Koncar- electric vehicles inc.
Being a mechanical engineer with almost 20 years of experience concerning the design, measurement, and calculations of railway vehicles and their safety-critical subsystems, I’m fully aware of extensive processes regarding certification validation and homologation of modern railway subsystems, as well as the benefits of computer-aided modelling and analysis of complex systems as trains, trams etc.

The main activity of KONČAR – Electric vehicles Inc. is the development, manufacture, modernization and maintenance of railway vehicles and electric vehicle equipment. Development activities are oriented toward the vehicle and its subsystems according to specific customer requirements.
The company is stationed in Zagreb, Croatia and is in operation for the last 50 years. During the years it has proven to be a national leader in production of railway vehicles.