Franz Kühmayer

Franz Kühmayer | Trendforscher

About the speaker

Mobility Congress 2022

Franz Kuehmayer is one of “Europe’s most influential thought leaders” (KURIER) and one of the “most sought-after experts” (PULS24). He works as a trend researcher at the Zukunftsinstitut in Frankfurt and heads the business consultancy REFLECTIONS. The Austrian looks back on a successful international career as a top manager and is a certified supervisory board member. Kuehmayer studied physics and computer science and received further education from the School of Management, Chicago; the Darden Business School, Virginia; and the University of Washington, Seattle. He lectures at several universities and publishes regularly. In his popular podcast, “Looking Forward,” he examines the future of work and society.

Moving movers: Mobile Life. Mobile Society.
In the beginning, everything seemed to end. As if the mobility industry wasn’t already subject to enough massive influences from digitization, autonomous systems and climate change, the Corona Pandemic abruptly changed global mobility. Almost from one day to the next, passenger planes were grounded and the forced home office swept away commuter traffic, while on the other hand, traffic volumes exploded for delivery services. And now? Does this ultimate disruption have lasting consequences? Were the last few months a damper or even the much-needed evolutionary accelerator for the future of mobility? What is stronger, our longing to get back into the old “normal” game, or our curiosity for the new game?