QMware AG

QMware is the market leader for Hybrid Quantum Computing (HQC) headquartered in Switzerland, bridging the gap between classical high-performance and quantum computing. QMware leverages an innovative hybrid approach offering customers quantum advantage already today: high-performance classical computers merged with quantum processors. These are based on both physical and emulated qubits virtualized together in a so-called intermediate representation for the efficient processing of hybrid quantum algorithms. The virtualization of Quantum Processing Units (QPUs) is a new benchmark in quantum computing. QMware proposes its novel hybrid quantum computing technology as alternative for best-in-class cloud computing – with the USP to be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. QMware also supports GAIA-X standardized services and defines an unprecedented level in quantum-based security models and data protection across the global IT industry. Visit QMware AG on LinkedIn and at https://qm-ware.com/