For Foreus Blockchain Analytics GmbH

For Foreus Blockchain Analytics GmbH, security, certainty, and predictability are paramount. Therefore,we have committed ourselves to the values of enthusiasm, passion, and the willingness to lifelong learning. We look back on more than 35 years of experience.

Our focus

  • Gathering information on financial fraud
  • Gathering information for early detection, avoidance and defense against damage caused by cybercrime, industrial espionage, and white-collar crime
  • Implementation of the Crypto Investment Security Audit (CISA certificate)
  • Proof of funds’ origin in the form of Crypto Risk Assessment
  • Implementation of the whistle black box according to the “EU Whistleblower Directive”

Foreus obtains timely, comprehensive, and correctly interpreted data for the detection and prevention of damage as well as targeted, legally usable information for the detection of digital fraud.
Foreus combines manual information retrieval from publicly accessible sources with software-supported information retrieval from the Darknet. Analytical and forensic methods are used. The aggregated information is summarized in an understandable and legally usable report.