evon GmbH

evon offers innovative and user-friendly software and services in the field of automation, control applications and process IT, based on the credo: “We use digitalization to simplify your life – because we live and breathe technology”.
The software evon XAMControl was developed for various process control applications and its unique features are tailor-made for challenges in the field of automation and production data handling over a wide range of sectors, e.g. chemical industry, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and many more.
evon XAMControl is an automation and process control platform that enables machines and plant equipment to be easily digitalised and networked in the spirit of Industry 4.0. evon XAMControl helps you obtain transparency and control over production, processes and resources enabling you to reach your business goals easily and quickly.
As a software platform, evon XAMControl offers a range of functions from data acquisition, automated and manual operation, visualization and operation of machines and plant equipment (SCADA) to the top-level control of production processes (MES).
It also contains functions specifically designed for plants with batch production processes. These include data management of (raw) materials and articles, a process and recipe editor and provides full traceability of the manufactured products.
All evon partner receive high quality support, particularly for system integrators and OEMs, in the form of training, direct support and expertise in all project stages.

Areas of application:
• Chemical industry
• Pharmaceuticals
• Food & beverage
• Feedstock & animal feed
• Construction materials
• Process plants in the bulk material industry
• etc.

XAMControl highlights for batch production processes:
• SCADA and MES combined in one software platform
• Integrated EMS (energy management system)
• Offline simulation of recipes and process flows
• Notification via SMS and/or email in the event of faults and alarms
• Reporting of maintenance, cleaning, or empty notifications
• Recording of operating hours and switching cycles of field equipment
• Data exchange with third party systems, e.g. ERP systems

Further advantages of evon XAMControl:
• Combination of modern software technologies and open system design
• Merging of usability and openness with a range of powerful functions
• Tested, documented and ready-to-use library with over 1800 automation
• Redundant, high level of availability and built entirely on a database
• Consistently and thoroughly object-oriented

For further information: https://en.evon-automation.com