Dewesoft develops and manufactures versatile and easy-to-use data acquisition systems – the ultimate tools for test and measurement engineers.
Dewesoft is a global acting company with over 250 employees, subsidiaries in 16 countries and partners in more than 30 countries. Our universal measurement instruments are suitable for simultaneous acquisition of vibration, speed, GPS, strain gages, temperatures, pressures, forces, electrical voltage, current as well as digital bus data e.g. from OPC UA, and many more… even thermal and highspeed video.

The growing demand for turnkey solutions led us to the development of dedicated solutions for:
– E-Mobility Testing (Electrical Power, Power Fault, Power Quality)
– Vehicle Testing (High precision GPS, ADAS, Combustion analysis, Vehicle dynamics, Road Load Data, Fatigue life…)
– Noise and Vibration testing (FFT, Sound Power, Sound Quality, Sound Intensity…)
– Rotating Machinery (Order analysis, Orbit, Rotational and Torsional vibrations…)
– Structural Dynamics (Modal testing, Bridge monitoring…)
– Aerospace (Chapter 10, PCM Telemetry…)
– Monitoring (Wind turbine, Condition monitoring, Structural health, Bridge health…)

Our focus is to bring the customer to measurement data in short time, with no programming skills required.
The software DewesoftX is easy-to-use and flexible, furthermore providing online validation of results.