Meet Emely: Our mobility mascot

Atom by atom pure mobility. Emely, a creation of the renowned artist Tom Lohner, is the mascot of the mobility congress MOVING ON. It demonstrates the various forms of mobility that are relevant for the transportation industry.

Under construction
Mobility is always work in progress. The deconstructive way Mr. Lohner has chosen to present Emely shows not only a complete body, but a figure that is still under construction. Emely combines elements of Automotive, Rail and Aerospace.
Its dancing position shows that mobility is moving and changing rapidly – and that the industry is passionate about working on and thinking about new ways of mobility.

We don’t need no transportation!
It is us who decide together, how we want to move forward. This is why we have chosen a person to symbolize MOVING ON, not an object. MOVING ON especially focuses on the changes that are going to take place in society.