Graz – Location of MOVING ON

Graz as the location for MOVING ON is a city with a high standard of living and one of the fastest growing regions of Austria. As the main economic driving force for Styria, Graz especially supports the development in certain economic sectors, mobility being one of the strongholds.

One of the most important partners of MOVING ON is the Graz Department for economic and tourism development. It sees itself as a service and contact point for all Graz businesses and as an interface to public institutions within the city, the state of Styria, the federal government and the EU. It supports young Graz companies and established businesses on their way to success. For this purpose, there are numerous offers and services as well as monetary and non-monetary support for companies.

Economic strengths

It primarily addresses companies from the economic strengths of the city of Graz: mobility, human & biotechnology, energy & environmental technology, microelectronics, creative industries & tourism.


LOCATION INFORMATION – raising awareness for Graz as a business location

FUNDING & SUPPORT – offering monetary subsidies & non-monetary support for companies

COORDINATION & SERVICE – providing information and service for companies | coordinating problems

STARTING UP IN GRAZ – providing service for founders in Graz

EVENTS & FORMATS – networking, exchange & competence development on trends, visions & developments

ECONOMIC SPACES – Green Tech Hub – Space for Green Tech Start-ups | N4 – The starting environment for founders | LENDHAFEN – home port for the Graz economy

AGRICULTURE – initiating creative & innovative initiatives for agriculture

TOURISM – interface to Graz Tourism, City Management and Echt Graz